Hanks Weekly Hangouts #30 (May 18, 2008)

We had a good week here at MIB with some hot posts including Lower Your Monthly Power Bill, Make $256, And Save The World!, Good Customer Service Will ALWAYS Save (And Make) You Money Both As A Seller And As A Buyer, and Tips To Finding Work At Home Jobs (And A Few MORE You Can Do!). The monthly net worth piece was finally cooked up for the month and it appears as though I’m up about $4,000 this month from last…

1. DebtFreePlaybook lists some pretty good points to getting ANY debt reduced. Love that idea, will certainly give it a whirl on my next quest.

2. Saving money is easy! Here are another 25 steps to do so courtesy of HomeWithKids!

3. NoDebtPlan makes a slick post on how NOT to become a millionaire. I’ll be sure to not follow those rules as soon as possible!

4. Simplifying your life helps simplify your debts – BripBlap lays out some good points to achieve simplification TODAY!

5. The most powerful force in the universe? No, it’s not about Star Wars. ReadyToBeRich tells us what it is.

6. I loved Mother’s day. It was laid back, egg and pancake eating, afternoon nappingly wonderful. MrsMicah says that could be ANY day!

7. I’m always down with saving money, and I’m down with computers too. CashMoneyLife tells me how to do both at once!

8. MyAchingDebts has MORE money saving tips. Some new, some old, but ALL worth while!

9. We all want to be out of credit card debt, and GetOutOfDebtBooks gives a few tips how to!

10. 3 unstoppable budget busters. PTMoney has opened up to BibleMoneyMatters about his biggest 3!

Carnivals participated in this week:

Thanks to TheSkilledInvestor for hosting Dot Com Carnival May 12, 2008 edition

Thanks to PhotoBill for hosting Carnival of Financial Planning – May 10 2008 Edition

Thanks to Take2Max for hosting Carnival of Family Life – May 12th Edition

Thanks to MarketPrognosticator for hosting Festival of Stocks #88 – May 12, 2008

Thanks to MoneyUnder30 for hosting Carnival of Personal Finance #152

Thanks to FourPillars for hosting Festival of Frugality #125 – Save Some Money If You Are Rich Edition

Photos by: Kittaylo , and Listen Missy!

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