Hanks Weekly Hangouts #29 (May 10, 2008)

Some good stuff this week including “How To Use Any Credit Card At Costco“, “How To Get Quality Financial Advice“, and “What Pizza Do Investors Eat?” Readership was a little down this week, not so much buzz here, but I’m working on some good stuff on the backend that I think is pretty interesting. Will let you all know when it arrives certainly…

1. YoungDough talks about ways to spend the stimulus package. Some many choices, so little time, eh?

2. BlueprintForFinancialSecurity asks if you have an Opportunity Fund. What is it? An interesting term certainly.

3. How do you raise financially savvy kids? DealLocker lets us in on a secret.

4. Dividends4Life hammers out the question of “What’s your Retirement plan?” You’d be surprised what some people would call a retirement plan!

5. HowISaveMoney gives us three old school ways to save more. Who doesn’t want a little extra coin?

6. Want to know how to make 17% on your money, starting now? Cruise over to EZGreatLife to find out how!

7. TheSunsFinancialDiary leaves us all with some good tips on stopping junk mail. I can vouch for the validity of that one HERE.

8. TheNetFool chimes in with some good financial advice based on some movie quotes. I can also vouch for movie quotes and personal finance HERE.

9. Sneaky AT&T customer service? RemodelingThisLife gives some good points on how it becomes sneaky.

10. GreenerPastures gives some dirt on credit card debt. High debt, low debt, all kinds of good points though.

Carnivals MIB participated in this week:

11. SaveAndConquer hosted Money Hacks Carnival #11 – Ebb and Flow Edition

12. InvestorBlogger hosted 19th edition of the Carnival of Making REAL Money – May 1st, 2008

13. RichLife hosted Rich Life Carnival #1

14. MoneyHacks hosted Kids & Money — May 9, 2008: The Found Edition

Photos by: GlenF, ikkoskinen

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