Hanks Weekly Hangouts #28 (May 4, 2008)

A fine week encompassing a handful of nice posts including A New Investment Idea – Pay Someone To Pick Up The Phonebook That Gets Dropped On My Door Every 3 Months That I (And Millions Of Others) Never Use!, Things You’re Saving Money On By Being Stuck In An Elevator For 41 Hours, and What WON’T Car Salesmen Do To Get Your Cash?. I had a pretty busy week at work so didn’t really get to plot out the posts for next week, but today should be a good catch up day as I’ve got another 46 posts waiting to get edited and tossed to the masses! So without further adieu…

1. Andrew needs some help designing his business card – any tips?

2. InMyHeels finds 25 good money conquering tips to help the money struggle!

3. A $400 stoller? Indeed a bit of sticker shock; but HappyRock has found good reasons for it!

4. AmateurAssetAllocator lets us know how to get bailed out by the government.

5. BluntMoney ponders the always exciting, “if I didn’t have to work” question. Man, that’s a wonderful idea, eh? 🙂

6. Locomono is spending his way to debt freedom. How do you do that? Well, read for yourself!

7. DebtReductionFormula is selling his motorcycle. Want a good deal on a good bike?

8. Maria offers some good free budget worksheets at Financial-tips.com and they’re good to start if you haven’t already!

9. PhiladelphiaReflections has some really good advice for asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing. Always good to look for ways to do that!

10. TheMoneyCase has some good info on children with entrepreneurial spirit. It’s ALWAYS a good tip to help kids out when they have these ideas!

Carnivals participated in this week:

Thanks to MoneyUnder30 for hosting Carnival of Credit Report Stories, April 28, 2008!

Thanks to InvestorBlogger for hosting 19th edition of the Carnival of Making REAL Money – May 1st, 2008!

Photos by: powi, Randy

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