Hanks Weekly Hangouts #27 (April 27, 2008)

The week had some good posts that saw some good traffic including demystifying the subprime crisis, dumping the National Income tax for a National Sale tax, and the “selling” of annuities trap. The sites that really got me inspired this week are:

1. What can you do with $5000 a second? Yes, that’s per second. FinanceHabits asks the questions and shows some pretty valid things to buy with it.

2. SlowFortune talks about the “Quantity Theory of Money”. I’m not telling you what it is, go read it yourself. 🙂

3. DefyDebt tells of how everything he needed to learn about money, he learned from his music collection.

4. ChasingTheBull learned some good stuff from the reality show “The Biggest Loser” that he was able to apply to personal finance. It really does have some good points to go off.

5. MrsMicah hosted a guest post from Jonathan from MasterYourCard that really laid out some VERY good examples why you and credit cards may not get along

6. I love mortgage deductions, so does ThePennySaved – here are the top 5 they love the most.

7. Spend less than you earn, or earn more than you spend is the question asked over at TheDigeratiLife. I think either one of them will help you to get financially fit.

8. I hate the fine print. I never read it; FinanceGourmetBlog shows you some of the big ones people “getcha” on.

9. CootieHog talks about monthly bill reduction and the steps taken to get there. Very detailed and apparently working!

10. FunnyAboutMoney talks about home inspections. Watch who you hire and who they’re buddies with!

Carnivals this week:

Thanks to LlamaMoney for hosting the Carnival of Net Worth #1

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  • Thanks for sharing it, Hank. I thought Jonathan did a spectacular job outlining those points. 🙂

  • RJ

    Thanks for the link Hank!

    RJ’s last blog post..Bye Bye Satellite!