Hanks Weekly Hangouts #26 (April 20, 2008) – And Why Do I Post Weekly Roundups?

So it’s the half year “weeklies” post – a milestone to be set for sure. I’ve had some good response out of these “weekly roundups” and I thought I’d take a moment to answer a quick question as to why I do it that “Jeff” sent in.

Hank, nothing against your blog, (I’m a subscriber and read daily!) but I don’t really see the point in the Weekly Roundups. It seems like all blogs do them, but what’s the point? You’re just farming out your Google PageRank and likely not getting any linkback from them. Why do it?

Jeff – I understand your point and think I can lay it out pretty well actually.

  • Posting Weekly Roundups help ME find content to write about. When you’re having writers block sometimes the best thing to do is search your niche around the blogosphere. There are a lot of ideas that people cook up that will help get my creative juices going!
  • Yes, I try to comment on them as much as possible, but sometimes I skip the comment on someones post and just use a trackback to better clarify my response to them. Most sites have trackbacks enabled, so they’ll see my comment in that form.
  • I will always go and check out someone that has linked to me (it shows who has linked to you in your Dashboard in WordPress) and I will 99% of the time thank them or add content to their post; in so doing I assume most folks will do the same, bringing them over to my site to possibly be a new subscriber.
  • Many readers don’t have time to search through the whole blogosphere to find good articles and many trust my opinion on what is worth checking out week to week. I’m happy to provide it to them because I’m going there anyway and enjoying the post, so I just consolidate it for everyone else to view.

I hope that answers your question Jeff!

My Weekly Hangouts

1. HowISaveMoney has a home makeover using Renuzit. Haven’t heard about it, but does sound interesting for sure.

2. CreditWithDrawl fired up a good post about America being the bailout capital of the world. And it certainly makes sense with what we see happening with the subprime crisis of late.

3. Haggling is never a bad thing for the frugal. You get what you want as you want it, cheap. MortgageGuideUK shows a few tips to doing so.

4. Fortunewatch has a good write up on spending less. By doing so you stand a better chance at getting rich!

5. Making money with domain names is like the 21st century version of the California gold rush. People have been buying them up since the internet was born. I read of pizza.com selling for 3MIL last week. Crazy. ChristianPF shows how it can work.

6. PantsOnFire talks about frugality and ethical living. I think we all need to take a page from this book.

7. Markets go south, it’s part of the game, but you don’t always have to lose in it. TheMoneyCase shows you how to deal with it.

8. QuestForFourPillars cooked up a post titled “Mortgage Slaves“. The name alone got my attention but it really did make sense after reading.

9. DogAteMyFinances talks about how a wedding ring isn’t a great investment so much as a status symbol. Good point, go frugality!

10. Your children get old, it’s a way of life; but your bank account doesn’t have to dive either when you start saving late. FreeFromBroke shows us why.

With all that being said, this is going to ALSO be my venue for laying out the carnivals I’ve participated in for the month prior.

Carnivals participated in this past month

Another new piece to this puzzle, I’m saving up the carnivals I’ve written for in the past month which are clearly worth reading also 😉 :

Thanks to CreditAddict for hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction #135.
Thanks to GatherLittlebyLittle for hosting the 148th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance!
Thanks to EverythingFinanceBlog for hosting the Carnival of Everything Finance: # 16!
Thanks to Leadinspectors for hosting the Carnival of Leads to Making Money Online!
Thanks to TheRhythmofWrite for hosting The RoW Blog Carnival – 4/1/08!
Thanks to RatherBeShopping for hosting 121st Festival of Frugality!
Thanks to CanIGetRichOnASalary for hosting 5 Gol-den Blog Carnivals!
Thanks to BeThriftyLikeUs for hosting The 8th Edition of the Money Hacks Carnival!
Thanks to TheBagLady for hosting The 55th Carnival of Money Stories – Tax Day Edition!
Thanks to StuckinTraffic for hosting American Economics Blog Carnival, April 15, 2008!
Thanks to DontMessWithTaxes for hosting Tax Carnival #35: Filing Season Final Tips!

Photo by: Pablo Garp

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    Thanks for the link Hank! I like doing a round-up so others can see the types of sites I read. I don’t expect people to only come to my site. I want my place to be interactive so I shoot out things I like to help build up th PF blog community. Keep up the round-ups! Thanks!

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  • Thanks for including me in your roundup Hank.

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