Hanks Weekly Hangouts #25 (April 13, 2008)

The Pacific Northwest has some pretty strange weather patterns. It was 45 degrees yesterday and today it’s almost hitting 90 in the area. It’s a warm one so it is nice to see the weather changing for the better.

MyInvestingBlog fired off some goodies this week dishing out the successful Hanks Holiday Handouts #2, how to reverse engineer the EntreCard system, and some interesting “procedures” in how delivery food is sent to you.

Around the blogosphere we had a lot of new-comers to the list including:

1. Anthroflex gives some do’s and don’ts of financial freedom.

2. WatsonInc provides the 2nd installation of “budgeting, your foundation for wealth” which is a great starting point to wealth management.

3. MySuperChargedLife lays out some good tips on legitimately raising your income. I love raising mine and several of these tips could work for you!

4. A new blog popped up this weekend theKimsta showed how they made 122k and lost 132k in the same timeframe; definitely ping on the assets vs. liabilities bit.

5. FinancialJungle shows the benefits of high yield dividend stocks in todays market.

6. MasterYourCard pops up some good points on watching your Fico score; everything you’d need to know.

7. MoneyAndInvesting knows the ropes of common mistakes in the investing world. There are certainly bumps in the road when this happens.

8. NancyZimmerman discusses how you’re going to get your taxes done by Saturday! Time is up sooner than you think! Keep an eye on the H&R Block site if you want them done free and soon!

9. Is insurance investment for the future? FinancePortal thinks so and brings up some good points in proving it.

10. Credit scores are a hot topic in the PF realm these days; CreditAddict lays out a few good ways to cook it up to the next notch.

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