Hanks Weekly Hangouts #24 (April 5, 2008)

There is still 3 days 12 hours 00 mins and 01 seconds left to get entered for some great free stuff at Hanks Holiday Handout #2 giving away $200+ of prizes!

We had some good traffic this week courtesy of the 2nd running of Magic Quadrant of Personal Finance, had a guest post from Ben at MilkYourMoney.com, and bumped up the net worth by 10.54% this month. I passed 6,100 “thumb ups” on StumbleUpon and saw some new traffic courtesy of EntreCard this week.

1. Squawkfox has a pretty “RAD” post about relating money to some 80’s ditties. Did I just say “rad”?

2. AspireToWealth says that your brain makes wealth building hard. Basically stating that our brains just aren’t smart enough to understand wealth. Are they?

3. ThinkYourWayToWealth pops in with some good tips on making more money at work. Who doesn’t want a raise? Good tips!

4. TotalCandor shows us your financial education woes aren’t spent at Starbucks, they run a little deeper.

5. MoneyIllusions gives everyone a quick tax deduction if you’re looking to scrimp. It’s a small one, but good call!

6. DebtFreePlaybook lets us know how to make money from your heart. Nope, not about heart transplants or donations!

7. OnlineSavingsBlog questions about fixed income; are you on one? Are you on one and don’t KNOW if you’re on one?

8. FabulousFinancials resigns at the fulltime gig; what were the responses?

9. CanadianCapitalist defends the home ownership stance against the evil renters propaganda!

10. NoDebtPlan shows that it’s beneficial to buy a shredder. It’ll save you a boatload of time and money if you DO run into identity theft!

Photo by: ahren_d

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  • Thanks for the shout out!


  • Hank, how do you know you have over 6,100 “thumbs up?” I didn’t know there was a way to count your thumbs up w/out individually visiting each SU-bookmarked page.

    Aaron Stroud’s last blog post..“I need it” thinking

  • Hank: You are so RAD man! Thanks for singing my tune!

    squawkfox’s last blog post..Top Five Frugalicious Lunches

  • Thanks for the mention!

    Canadian Capitalist’s last blog post..This and That

  • Hey Hank, There’s so many good tips on here for PF bloggers, thanks for your generosity and the link love!

    Heather Allen’s last blog post..Frugality Sucks

  • @Aaron – I guess I could have rephrased it; and it’s not technically any benefit to my blog itself. It is more of a benefit to my brain because I’ve found 6100 sites worth MY stumbling, primarily in the Personal Finance realm. So it is just education for me more than anything else…