Hanks Weekly Hangouts #23 (March 29, 2008)

There is still 9 days 23 hours 48 mins and 21 seconds left to get entered for some great free stuff at Hanks Holiday Handout #2 giving away $200+ of prizes!

It’s been a good week this week. Easter was good to all I hope. I had an interesting time tossing back and forth the best way to manage my posts. Hopefully over the next few weeks/months I can pin something down as far as the best way to go about it.

1. MyDollarPlan spent some time updating the PF realm list of subscribers by reach of RSS folks. Metrics and charts are always interesting to watch!

2. PantsOnFaster shows how you can cut your self-imposed taxes. A deep dive into what YOU can do to mitigate the tax on yourself!

3. PTMoney lists a few pretty comical tax write offs. There’s always good info you can find on these, and I always love reading them!

4. Everyone has ideas on where the tax refund you’re getting should go. PeopleJam has a couple ideas of their own.

5. FinanceInfos shows how the big lenders are hit worst by the credit crunch. No kidding, I heard Brazos today was going down.

6. DebtFreePlaybook crafts up a bit about how we get into debt. How DON’T we get into debt? Everyone has it, managing it is key.

7. WatchMyMoneyMaker shows a strategy that I haven’t actually heard about. The Moved Buffer Theory Budget is an interesting concept, and appears to work.

8. NoDebtPlan shows us that procrastination isn’t helping anyone. Get rid of it or you’re going to be losing $$$.

9. IncreaseRevenueDecreaseCost talks of the Gift card arbitrage. It’s a good way to save money if you can make it work for you it sounds!

10. I hate money mistakes, I’ve had my fair share. Ron at TheWisdomJournal shares his. I gotta admit, I’ve fallen in the same boat at times!

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