Hanks Weekly Hangouts #22 (March 22, 2008)

Strange how that works out, Hangout #22 falls on the 22nd. Must be a sign! Go buy a lottery ticket, quick! Another good week at MIB, readership via RSS increased 13% I believe due to a few new advertising structures I’m bouncing around including Entrecard and StumbleUpon Ads. I’ll be discussing those a bit more in the coming weeks and let you know my thoughts on them. As for this week’s link love I’m dishing out…

1. ChangeYourTree turned their life around with these top 8 tools of personal finance! I agree, I’ve used one or 2 of them myself. Good list.

2. FinanceGetsPersonal digs on the debt snowball idea and finding new sources to add to this snowball. I’ve yet to need to debt snowball, but I do like the idea!

3. FourPillars hit a big article that debates how loyal you need to be to customers to keep them loyal to you. Is it worth it? I think loyalty does carry some weight and should be recognized indeed.

4. Live on one income? FrugalDad talks about the lessons learned from doing this and has some very insightful ideas on it.

5. BripBrap grew up pretty frugal and was having some poor kid blues that I certainly could relate to!

6. Are mortgages forced savings accounts? Ana from DebtFreeRevolution brings up some pretty interesting points about it. I never thought about it like that, but it is certainly possible…

7. Are renters the new subprime victims? CreditWithdrawl makes a very convincing argument to say so.

8. Interested in saving money? I suppose you wouldn’t be reading the blog if not, eh? :) Here are 10 simple ways to save some coin at work.

9. Fear of change? Learn to conquer it in 5 steps from DoughRoller! I’ve always been alright in this category, but a good read still.

10. Buying a new car? Learn to skip the negotiations! MyDollarPlan will help!

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  • http://mydaysinmymind.blogspot.com My Daily Thoughts

    unique post but very interesting point. Thanks for sharing..I got toyr site from my entrecard just thought of visiting you

    My Daily Thoughts’s last blog post..Touch The Future

  • http://www.debtfree-revolution.com Debt Free Revolution

    Thanks for the link :) Just for the record, I don’t believe mortgages are forced savings, and a couple of my commenters explain why you shouldn’t either.

    Debt Free Revolution’s last blog post..Budgeting for Irregular Income

  • http://www.financegetspersonal.com Finance Girl

    Thanks for the link, Hank!

  • http://frugaldad.com Frugal Dad

    Thanks for the mention – glad you enjoyed the “Living on One Income” post.

    Frugal Dad’s last blog post..DIY Plumbing Repair: Now I Know Why Plumbers Are So Well-Paid

  • http://www.creditwithdrawal.com Randall at CreditWithdrawal

    Thanks for the link! Renters are the ‘most recent’ victims. I’m betting there’s going to also be a lot of reshuffling of businesses, which means lost jobs. More fun for all.

    Randall at CreditWithdrawal’s last blog post..Quicken Contest Still Going On

  • http://www.changeyourtree.com Kevin @ Change Your Tree

    Thanks for the nod – I’m glad you enjoyed the list!

  • http://www.bripblap.com Brip Blap

    Thanks for the link, Hank – loved the about page, by the way.

    Brip Blap’s last blog post..31 causes of failure #4: insufficient education

  • http://myinvestingblog.com hank

    @MyDailyThoughts – thanks for stopping by! Hope you stick around. :)

    @DebtFreeRevolution – Yea, I didn’t mean to have it sound as if you were for or against it, I was leaving the mystery up to my readers to go find out. :)

    @FinanceGirl, FrugalDad, Kevin and BripBlap – glad to give you guys some link love. I liked the posts! Keep ’em up!

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  • http://www.four-pillars.ca Four Pillars

    Hey, thanks a lot for the link!


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  • http://netpreneurzone.blogspot.com Firdaus

    what a beautiful from yours, keep it beautiful hanks. 😛

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