Hanks Weekly Hangouts #20 (March 8, 2008)

This week had a lot of ups and downs. CNN posted a pretty sweet article on timing what Uncle Sam gets but Brett Favre hung up his cleats also. The weather was sunny in the Pacific northwest for the first time since the rain started back in May, so that’s a good thing…

1. TheMoneyKing doesn’t “DO” automatic withdrawls. The only auto withdrawl I do is when I send money FROM my bank checking acct TO my bank credit card.

2. YNAB is reviewed quite thoroughly by GatherLittleByLittle. I’m a fan of budgeting, but I’m pretty good at the MS Excel thing for now.

3. DebtKid is giving away his Nintendo DSLite if you’re willing to share your dumbest purchase ever! Hop on over for free stuff! To join the party, my dumbest purchase ever was investment related. It was my Hartford Mutual Universal Life insurance policy, hands down. That thing had drained over 10k from me before I wised up enough about it! Thanks DebtKid!

4. BibleMoneyMatters shows off some big tips on money hacks that can save you $$$ in the future.

5. InvestmentScientist gives a rundown on what it means when feds cut the rates. How does that affect your stocks?

6. We all hate inflation, but it’s good to “know thy enemy” says KCLau.

7. How can you get to that elusive 15% saving that Dave Ramsey talks about? You gotta find a quick way to stuff it away? Talk to DoughRoller.

8. WealthBuildingLessons shares 10 tax breaks you probably didn’t hear about! I heard of most, but there were a couple new ones in there. Worth a look!

9. Want to save quick $$$? Go cash for 1 week says PrimeTimeMoney. Honestly, that would save me if I was in a pinch and needed to save. I never carry around anything but my credit card anymore.

10. AlanHaft gives us 7 ways to save $100 per month. You don’t think of the small things, but clearly they can help out!

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  • thanks for including my post.
    Well done!

  • PT

    Thanks for the link.

  • Thanks for including my article. I like Excel too, but i’m just not enough of an Excel hacker to make it do what I want, so just paid Jesse over at YNAB since his software does it for me 🙂 So far I’m really liking it.

  • Glad to help you all out – keep up the good postings and I’m happy to keep sending people your ways! 🙂