Hanks Weekly Hangouts #17 (February 16, 2008)

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Aaron Wagner
So I made it through my own personal conspiracy theory this week; got a few inches closer to whipping up the new blog design from Jon @ freelancefolder.com and found myself pleasantly surprised to see my weekly subscriber base climb significantly.  I’d have to say it was a good week for me.  Helping me along the way were:

1.  PersonalFinanceHacks gave a tutorial on managing gift cards.  Nobody really likes them BUT stores, but people keep buying them!

2.  UncommonCents let us in on how to play the ATM game.  I personally don’t know how to play the ATM game anymore.  I don’t remember the last time I used an ATM.  I float on credit, but worry not, it is paid every month.

3.  PyschologyOfMoney started off at square one asking What is your Net Worth and found out how it has been beneficial for the year they have been doing it.  I findI may be throttling it back to once a quarter.  Things don’t move so fast month to month and it can be time consuming.

4.  FreeMoneyFinance loves the game of Life.  Who DOESN’T love or remember that game.  I always liked having a big family of cars following my dice, but I don’t know if that would be beneficial these days as far as personal finance.  I’d have to watch my $$$ close.

5.  DedicatedToFinancialFreedom purchased The Secret on audiobook with gift cards; very frugal minded!

6.  NCN is tracking EVERY PENNY SPENT for the year.  I like to keep an eye on my finances too, but it can get difficult.  I wish you luck!

7.  OnlineSavingsBlog says that paying by check cost them money.  I agree – checks are a waste of money and time; they explain the pitfall they fell into.

8.  RealWorldFinances chimed in about the age old “dollar cost averaging“.  I’m all for it, but apparently a CNN article they were reading didn’t agree!  A good rebuttal!

9.  MommyGetsPaid finds 5 ways to save in the new year.  That’s quality frugality!  Who doesn’t like learning new ways to save money?

10.  MyRetirementBlog hammers out 9 retirement killers.  I think that 1 of them can kill a retirement, but they lay out the details excellently.

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  • LJ

    Thanks for the mention!

    Take Care


  • Hey Hank,

    Thanks for mentioning Uncommon-Cents.net. I’m going to be focusing more on frugality the next week or so, but more investing stuff is coming!

  • Thanks for the mention!