Hanks Holiday Handouts and Giveaways from MyInvestingBlog.com

In the season of giving, my wife has found other gifts for friends and family freeing up these gifts that I’m generously donating to a few lucky readers for the Holiday Season! All you need to do is help yourself become a better saver/investor in the next year.

I’d like the post to be something more than just giving away; I’d like to be able to help you in the next year by coming up with a New Years resolution that will assist you in becoming a better saver/investor in 2008. That’s it! More details in the rules below!

The gifts include:

1. A $25.00 gift certificate to iTunes.com:

2. TWO 1 gigabyte USB jump drives ($45.00 value each) They are the retractable/sliding version similar to this below –

And the GRAND PRIZE is:

3. A $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com

To enter the contest, please follow these rules:
There are actually 13 possible entries you can have if you use all the options, so read these rules closely!

1. Leave a relevant comment on this blog describing your MONEY SAVING or INVESTING New Years resolution for 1 entry.
2. Link to this page from your blog with a relevant post about your MONEY SAVING or INVESTING New Years resolution for 1 entry.
3. Sign up for my (free) EMAIL RSS feed for 2 entries.
4. Sign up for my (free) standard RSS feed for 1 entry. If you’re already on board, contact me and I’ll make sure you’re entry goes in for that too! Thanks for joining!
5. Leave a new relevant comment on any of my other posts on MyInvestingBlog.com for 1 entry each (Limit 5).
6. Refer a friend to this blog and have them leave an entry here on this post. Contact me with the friend you referred for 1 entry (Limit 3 friends).
7. Add me to your BlogRoll from your blog for 1 entry.
8. “Favoritize” any of my pages through your choice of preferred methods: Digg, Stumble, Technorati, Del.icio.us or click the links on the left sidebar at the beginning of the post like seen here:
After linked, use the contact page to shoot me an email to which site you’ve submitted to for 1 entry.


Semi-legal mumbo-jumbo:

– This giveaway is all in good fun.
– There is no purchase necessary and it won’t improve your chances to win, but I’m always up for free $ if you’d like to send me some. 🙂
– If it works as planned, I’m happy to offer more giveaways in the future.
– The winners will be selected by random number generator.
– The winners will be chosen 10 days from today on December 23, 2007 @ 12pm Pacific Standard Time(PST).
– Anyone of any age can enter unless it is illegal in your area.
– I will ship the prizes anywhere in the world USPS delivers.
– The winners will be contacted via email, SO LEAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU WANT TO BE CONTACTED! I promise I will NEVER use your email address for evil purposes. Just to contact you to tell you that you’ve won. You don’t even need to leave a real name if you don’t want, just a valid email address (and home address if you win). If the email address isn’t valid, I’ll use the random number generator to pick another name.
– All prizes are provided “as is”. They jump drives work fine and the gift cards are as they are, if that makes sense. 🙂
– If you want to host my next giveaway, I’m happy to oblige. Contact me.
– The odds of winning depend on how many people are involved. I can’t give you this info now, but I can assure you, it’s easier to win than the standard lottery.
– By getting in on this you allow MyInvestingBlog to republish what you write either on this blog or other spots.
– I am the judge and jury as to what is a “relevant” post. If you’re following the rules above, you’re most likely a valid post; but I reserve the right to delete your post if I feel it isn’t relevant to this blog For example, if you write something like: “I really like Amazon, and I really really like their free gift certificates!” You’ll probably not get in. Please make it a valid post!

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  • Julia

    Ok, I will give in. You have found my sweet spot, FREE gifts! So my New Years resolution is to be able to save 10% of my after tax pay each month and put it in a ROTH IRA. I am still young, so I think I can make good use of it! Thanks!

  • Radley

    Hank, you’ve officially been “StumbledUpon” as a like! I sent you a message via the contact page! thank you!

  • Benny

    You know how to get lurkers to come out of their shells, this will do it. I am going to save money next year by limiting how much I spend eating out. I eat out waaaaaaaaaay too much and from January 1 forward, I will eat from home at LEAST 3 times a week. Thanks!

  • @ Julia – sounds good, best of luck and stick to the ROTH, it’s a good investment!

    @ Radley – I got your message, you’ve been entered, thanks.

    @ Benny – Eating out can really eat away at anyones monthly expenses, check out my most recent, ugh, almost $300/month on eating out.

  • Since you are offering potential free stuff I figured I should make my first post on your blog.

    My New Years money resolution is to further improve on my money saving skills. I have been working on some new techniques that I want to implement starting sometime in January.


  • Ashraf

    I would like to learn more about my savings options as well as I should. Currently I have about $3,000US dollars just in savings account that pays less than 1% but I am afraid to move it as it has been in this bank for my entire life. My goal is to attempt to put at least some of this money in a high interest savings or MMA account in the new year.

  • Leo

    Hi all. My goal is to be able to find a trustworthy investment advisor in the next year because i am not very good with my money and need some help, which is coincidentally why i am on your site. 🙂
    thank you!

  • @Neil – implement away! I’ll be watching on your blog to check it out!

    @Ashraf – There’s no reason you should be in a sub 1% ANYTHING account. I’d highly recommend looking elsewhere!

    Leo – This is a good place to start! There are some bad ones out there so keep an eye out and make sure they have YOUR best interest in mind!

    You guys are all in!

  • ES

    My new year resolution is to invest at least 30% of my earnings in stocks rather than spend it away on movies and entertainment!

  • My resolution is to fund both my wife and my Roth IRA’s $4000/each!

  • SCap

    You’re an “I like it” on my StumbleUpon and for the second entry I’d like to pay off my 2 high interest credit cards so I can start putting more away in my ROTH. I am going to try the snowball effect that Dave Ramsey talks about for my cards to do this.

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  • Rick

    Are the 2 USB jump drives considered 1 prize?

  • Rick

    and also I suppose I should chime in and tell you my goal for new years is to stop eating fast food after 8pm. I eat fast food almost EVERY night and that is 5-10 dollars per night, so it really adds up to 150-300 per month I could save. thanks.

  • @Rick, sorry about that – Yes, there will be 4 prizes total. Each USB jump drive will go to one person.

    @FFB – you’re in.

    @SCap – Good idea, Dave Ramsey has some good points.

    @Rick again – no kidding – that’s a hefty addiction. 🙂 Good luck!

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  • Jen

    Hi everyone! My news years savings goal is to pack a lunch to work 4 out of 5 days instead of my normal routine of once or twice a month!

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  • Ed

    Hey Hank – I signed up for your Email feed! Also, the big goal here is to be able to bump my 401k contributions from 3% to 5% in 2008! Thank you!

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  • Xia

    Hello hank and thank you for having this giveaway today. My goal is to save on shopping for low cost (non-brand name) items during grocery shopping. My kids always say they need this, bu the do not. It will save me several hundred dollars per year.

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  • Allan

    Hello Hank. My goal is to be able to pay off xmas before March 2008 as all the charges are on my consumer cards and I know they are the worst! but I am working on it!

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  • Petra

    I’m in! I will raise my 401k contributions up to 8% this year. I have been slowly upping it each year since 4% and would like to even consider 9% this year if the funds will allow! thank you!

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  • Marcia G

    Oh my money saving goal is to quit smoking!! Which would save a yearly total of $336 a year!! That’s alot of money!!

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  • EBB

    Coupons! I will try to find more coupons this year to cut out and save on groceries! I spend far too much time in the grocery store to NOT be looking for deals. I’d like to cut the grocery budget back 15-20 dollars a month via coupons!

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  • Kim

    I plan to look for areas I can cut painlessly and add any new found $ to the mortgage of investment property (my only debt). I will be researching phone, internet, insurance, etc.

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  • Simon

    If you are going on holiday check to see if there are any tourist discount cards available in the area.

    I run a small membership in Cyprus for tourists. Cyprus is a great place to visit but boy is it expensive! So with a little discount at selected restaurants, car hire and hotels is always welcoming!

  • Are these free offers for real I am interested in getting involved with these offers.