Good Socks – The Things I Don’t Mind Overspending And Overloading On

There are just some things in life that you DO need to overspend and overload on. Socks are one of them. They’re (relatively) cheap, they’re very needed, and they’re very frustrating when I can’t find them. What’s else tickles your overspending fancy?

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Ode To Socks

True, I’m a big fan of frugal, but there comes a time when nothing will satiate the need but overconsumption. I woke up this morning to go to the laundry bucket to find 8 different flavors of socks from 4 different family members and NONE of which matched. There comes a time when you really need to do some spring cleaning in summer it appears.

One big laundering and all non-matchers need to take a hike, while ones with holes will join them shortly, and unfortunately their possibly perfect match. 😉 Then we’ll re-evaluate and break in some new ones shortly thereafter.

Yes, the US is a big on being over-consumers that take more than they need, eat more than they need, drive bigger than they may need, and buy when they shouldn’t, but there are exceptions. To this I present socks and a list of others that deserve more than “plenty”.

The List

1. Socks – The more the merrier, just make sure you buy the same styles.

2. Fingernail clippers – I’ve always just img_0357a__b2-barbed-wire-fence-bw.jpghad one set at any one time, but I’m very forgetful; maybe I don’t need unlimited amounts of them, but maybe 3 or 4 wouldn’t hurt.

3. Sets of car keys – I actually had 4 made last time I went to Home Depot and the thought was that I’d leave one set in my ignition when I got home (I park it in the garage).

However, I still find myself taking them out and putting them somewhere else and having to re-find one of the other 4 sets.

4. Insurance/benefits cards (Car and health benefits) – I always am losing these guys in one place or another. I get 4 in a batch from the the Health Care company, and 2 sets from Geico, but I always find a way to misplace it. I just checked my Geico one in my car and noticed it expired in 2006. Good thing I haven’t been pulled over!

5. Toilet paper – Yup, how an it be that I am the only person that ever runs out of it when I’m on the pot? Again, maybe not an endless supply, but a large supply for sure.

6. Chapstick – I only buy it when I need it, and when I need it I don’t have it; so when I buy it I use it and then don’t need it so I lose it.

photo by: hank

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  • My addition to the list for things I don’t mind overloading on?

    – Underwear
    – socks (like you)
    – tennis balls ( i like having a lot cause I hate having to run around and pick up balls when i’m playing)
    – income. 🙂

    Pete @ biblemoneymatters’s last blog post..John Tesh tells us how to save, and gives us free gas cards!

  • I would never leave the key to car in the ignition. Even if it is parked in a garage. Have you tried putting up a key holder right next to the garage door?

    theWild1’s last blog post..Time to Move on to Asia?

  • Yep. I second the insurance and health benefits. I am over-insured and proud of it.

    ConnieB’s last blog post..By: Connie

  • You always make me laugh hysterically when I read your posts. I think you are just not anal retentive enough. If you were, you’d be more organized and not have these missing, mismatched problems. But then again, I am a lot older so I MUST be a creature of habit or I would not ever have peace of mind.

    My keyring has a set of clippers on it. I also have them in about 4 other locations — agreed.

    Keys – always in my purse lost in the bottom or on the decorative key by our back door. I have too many and I have to keep them all. They are split onto 2 rings and even that isn’t enough. I have keys to 4 houses, 4 cars, mailboxes and sheds etc. I want a magic wand so I can ditch the 3lbs of keys.

    Toilet paper – 3.5 bathrooms in this house. I buy the huge bulk packs at Sam’s. I have a couple of 12 roll packs in each bathroom. Why am I the only one to change the roll????? The last mega pack was $20!!!! Too bad Sears no longer prints the big catalog because I may just switch to that.

    Insurance cards – Oh my goodness. The medical/dental ones get lost in my wallet all the time. The auto ones are in the glove box in their little folder. We have plenty too with some health rider policies even.

    As for the Chap Stick — switch to Carmex. Chap Stick will dehydrate your lips and not moisturize them. Don’t you find the more you use it the more you need it?

    Socks – we all need to do what Jerry Lewis does. Just wear white only! But I do have a tip for you. Go visit a “mart” store. There are little plastic discs that you can slide onto your socks when you take them off and toss in the laundry that will keep them together. They can go in the washer/dryer. Just think. No more time spend matching up socks or looking for a lost one because you have one pair that matches something you MUST wear.

    Thanks for the giggles…

  • You splurge on chapstick, I splurge on lipstick. Can’t stand the cheap stuff so I buy expensive brands. Totally worth it.

    Vered’s last blog post..Lima Beans in Gelatin… Mmmm TASTY (Wordless Wednesday)

  • I splurge on food!

    Kevin at 20s Money’s last blog post..What I’ve Learned About Blogging In Three Short Months

  • Socks, in that I knit my own and love good sock yarn, and shoes, because I have a wide foot with a very narrow heel and high arches, and I walk a lot.

    otherdeb (Deb Wunder)’s last blog post..Mrs. Micah’s Single Step Personal Finance Challenge

  • @Pete – Good additions, especially the income one. 🙂

    @theWild1 – I grew up in a small town where we didn’t need to lock our cars very often, and I would always keep my keys in there. Being in the big city now, I’ve learned the hard way that I do need to either take them out and lock, or put my car in my garage. If someone breaks into my garage, welp, I have bigger fish to fry then.

    @Connie – Yea, insurance cards are conveniently printed on my computer now as opposed to when they send them to me; I lose those far too fast.

    @Ginger – Glad I make you laugh! It’s hard to keep a good sense of humor writing about dry subjects like stocks and savings, but opening it up to the greater personal finance realm leaves the door open a bit more.

    Good call on the Carmex, but I always hate dipping my finger in the Carmex mini-bowl – I know they have the stick variety now, but heck, I guess I’d be back to square 1 with that eh? 🙂

    @Vered – I’ll take your word on the lipstick splurging… 🙂

    @Kevin – I’m a big fan of food myself, I’ll often find myself eating it 2 and even 3 times a day. 😉 Are you saying you like the expensive food or just lots of ANY food?

    @otherdeb – I’ve never picked up the knitting piece, but if you can make it yourself, more power (and money-saving) to you!

  • RJ

    I can vouch for number 3, after locking my keys in and spending over a hundred bucks to get my car unlocked (it was early morning, a weekend, and a holiday – the trifecta!). I went to Wal-mart immediately to get 3 sets copied. Cost? $6 >_<

    RJ’s last blog post..The Joy Of Now

  • I try to load up on money, not the cheap stuff but the good stuff – oh and deodorant.

    Frank’s last blog post..Ask Us Anything!

  • @RJ – no kidding. Being forgetful is too difficult when it comes to keys. I hear ya! 🙂

    @Frank – no kidding, but I actually will take it all, good or bad I don’t play favorites. 🙂

  • Hi Hank

    I would spend money on shoes (a good pair I mean, not loads of them). I find that a good quality pair of leather shoes saves money over time as they can be re-soled multiple times which is cheaper than buying bargain ones. Plus leather shoes help your feet not to smell (as bad 🙂 ).

    Tip: You know when you need to get your shoes re-soled when you avoid walking on stones/gravel and your feet get wet when it rains 🙂


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