Claim your StumbleUpon blog via Technorati for some POSSIBLE extra “juice”

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So I stumbled across a post on where he chatted about claiming your StumbleUpon blog through Technorati. The general consensus of his readers said that it was worth a try for an increase in traffic to the blog.It doesn’t affect any internal piece to my blog that may lead to the dreaded CPU utilization errors, and isn’t a load on my server (aside from traffic) to implement, so I figure it is worth a shot. We’ll see how it produces over the next few weeks  before I post this (today is 1/20/08) to determine if it is worth sending out to you folks.  Today is 2/10/08, so clearly it did send traffic – not a lot, but worth the few minutes to claim it.

One of the comments on the site is from Tim Nash, saying:

“…so yes this will help with ranking in some engines it’s not a very effective solution, still a nice idea a place this might work with slightly more use is who again is entirely nofollow but seems to still pass juice to yahoo results these days…”

I like it – we’ll see what happens, and if you’re interested in claiming your StumbleUpon page, follow Bill’s advice here.

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  • interesting concept. i made sure to go ahead and claim my stumbleupon

  • Excellent! Worked like a charm…we will see what happens. Thanks so much for posting this!