Bah With Flooding the Blogosphere With Too Much of the Same (Hanks Weekly Hangouts #53 – October 11, 2008)

These past few weeks have been tough on the financial markets around the world, and coincidentally I’ve noticed a lot of the posts in the Personal Finance realm have been catered to.  Yes, it’s a hot topic for sure, but I get fed up with mainstream chat all the time.  I can read most of it on CNN if I want to.  I’d like to see a new angle on the economic downturn, not just a regurgitation if we’re going to continue to write about it.  I’ll see if I can put my money where my mouth is next week…

Top Posts @ the MiB This Past Week

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As you know, I passed my 1 year anniversary here last week and dove down deep to get the numbers on how my financial/blogging year has been @ 365 Days of Statistics On My Finances, My Blog Stats, And My Revenue Here @ The MiB

From Stumbleupon and the RSS Reader

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From The Money Life Network

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