Are All The ‘Meme’s That People Are Tossing Around Really Doing Anything Useful For Their Blog?

So I jumped on the ‘meme’ bandwagon last week to give it a whirl to see if it indeed did bump up my PageRank and Technorati score.

Well, let me first of all say that my Technorati score decreased nicely (lower is better) from 124,139 to 96,541. This is a 22.23% rate of improvement on this metric in just 1 week! How about my Technorati Authority? It shot up 39% in the same time frame. I’d have to say that is well worth it from a Technorati perspective.

How about from a Google PageRank perspective? Well, I started out a week ago at 3/10, and today I’m still sitting at a 3/10 PageRank. No pros or cons. But I did some digging and found some interesting tidbits from that said:

Outbound links are a drain on a site’s total PageRank. They leak PageRank. To counter the drain, try to ensure that the links are reciprocated. Because of the PageRank of the pages at each end of an external link, and the number of links out from those pages, reciprocal links can gain or lose PageRank. You need to take care when choosing where to exchange links.

When PageRank leaks from a site via a link to another site, all the pages in the internal link structure are affected. (This doesn’t always show after just 1 iteration). The page that you link out from makes a difference to which pages suffer the most loss. Without a program to perform the calculations on specific link structures, it is difficult to decide on the right page to link out from, but the generalization is to link from the one with the lowest PageRank.

So how does that work then? Clearly it didn’t hurt my PageRank so far – I’ve had a handful of folks ask if it is hurting my PageRank, and have been referred to this site, but again, no love lost from the Google Toolbar Pagerank widget yet as I’m still at 3/10.

Furthermore, I used another tool from Dane Carlson‘s blog to compute the PF realm blogs in my Magic Quadrant of Personal Finance last month and kept that stat from 7 days ago. It has gone up 39% over 7 days. So things certainly appear to be all for the “good” side of this operation.

Has anyone else seen numbers to contradict this info? Have your numbers gone up like this?

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  • I participated in one of these memes, and my technorati authority doubled – and rank dropped significantly. Granted, I was starting from a pretty low point, but still – it seems to have helped quite a bit.

  • This meme was a stinker for me – I tagged somebody that became quite unhappy that I tagged them. My opinion – no more meme’s for me! (It did pump up my technorati though)!

  • Jon

    Congrats on improving your rankings. But…what the heck is a ‘meme’?

  • @ Jon – check out the link in the first paragraph to see an example, but basically it’s hmmm, good question. Well, Wiki says this which may clear it up a bit more: A meme (pronounced /mi?m/) consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

    Basically just a note passed on repeatedly! Hope that helps!


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