Net Worth Update April 1, 2008–$116,557.16 (+10.54%)

A few things helped out this months net worth statement:

1. My almost 8k tax refund certainly didn’t hurt anything. I am not going to be getting as much next year as I adjusted my W-4s to better fit my pay scale finally. I’m sick of giving the government a free loan each year; should be closer to 0 next year.

2. I added in my SWEGX fund for my 2007 ROTH contributions.

3. I added in my $1000 I had put into my emergency fund crafting up over at WAMU – It was at 4.00% when I opened it and is now down to 3.30%, but I like the security there. UFBDirect is hitting the road. There’s something to be said about having a bank in your neighborhood with decent (relatively speaking) efund high yield rates.

4. The wife’s 4o1k saw it’s first single digit increase in a while, but still accounted for almost another 1k net add.

5. My 401k is finally biting back a bit and was able to add to the positive this month also close to $1000.

Here is the latest screenshot (click to enlarge):


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  • It’s great that your net worth is growing despite the economic slowdown. Just think how much it will grow during the next bull market! πŸ™‚

    Vered’s last blog post..Top Ten Diet Mistakes

  • How’s the percentage change look when you go back and spread the refund out over the course of the year (which is when you actually earned it)?

    Aaron Stroud’s last blog post..β€œI need it” thinking

  • I’m working on a like-minded blog article about W-4 adjustment. How did you “adjust” within what is allowable by law? Thanks.

    Slug’s last blog post..Motley Fool Joins Forces with

  • @Vered – it is nice. But I think more than anything it is because I’m putting so much IN to the accounts in the first place. I’m fairly certain if I hadn’t put anything into the accounts last month, I wouldn’t have seen growth, but I’m confident that NOW is the time to get into the market. I think you’ll get some good deals on stocks and mutual funds when the market is low. So I’ve bumped up my contributions as of late… Post coming on this later. πŸ˜‰

    @Aaron – I think you mean splitting it out per month for 12 months intervals? If that’s the case the 8k breaks down to about 663 per month, and that’d essentially drop my “total cash and bank accounts” balance to $7480.16; lowering my total balance from $116,557.16 to 109.077.16 for a net increase for the month of about 3.45% from the previous month (105,440.57)

  • That answers my question. I was wondering how much of your 10% bump was due to the refund.

    Aaron Stroud’s last blog post..β€œI need it” thinking

  • @Slug – I guess I’m unsure of what you’re asking; If you’re looking to withhold your entire paycheck I believe (see my disclaimer here though) that you need special authorization and fit certain guidelines to do so. As far as what they would charge if you didn’t file a w-4, I believe they can charge up to 35% and give 0 exemptions. There is no penalty for claiming more so that you tax bill at the end of the year is 0.

    Hope that answers your questions.

    @Aaron – Yea, the 8k bump certainly didn’t hurt; but like I told Vered, the amount I put in went up too. My investments themselves flailed a bit, but my salary didn’t, so just more $ went in.

  • It’s really a great idea to track your net worth in the fashion you do. Although I’ve been investing and tracking my investments for years – only after reading through your posts did I start to track my own total net worth. I also wrote about it in my blog – a smart idea for everyone to do. Credit due to Hank!

    naveedsmind’s last blog post..Your Personal Net Worth Statement

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