An Inspirational Quote From A Movie I Watched And How It Relates To The Personal Finance Realm

I’ve actually had this quote listed in my “to write” column for quite sometime but hadn’t yet thought how to structure the post but I think it is VERY relevant to the theme on this site…

Quotes have been inspirational in every aspect of business. You see all those motivational posters everywhere that are there to pep up a team or draw inspiration. There’s a whole faction of people dedicated to DEmotivating people as well, some with pretty good comedy even! But I think we can all agree that we’ve seen some words in the past that have inspired us.

Well, the wife and I watched The Great Debaters the other day and although I didn’t think the movie was stupendous (I gave it a B-), it did keep my attention. Here’s the trailer to preface the rest of the story if you haven’t seen it yet:

So I was quite fixated on what Forest Whitaker said while talking to his son during the film:

We do what we have to do to do what we want to do.

It really does ring true. It rings in the same arena that “nobody is going to do it for you” lives, and really does relate to personal finance pretty directly. We do what we have to do (invest wisely, keep budgets, save money, etc) to do what we want to do (retire, have passive income, support our families, etc).

Granted the circumstances were MUCH different in that film than how I’m relating them here, but I think it was a very worthwhile quote that can serve in many different realms. Have you had any specific quotes energize you in the Personal Finance realm?

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