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I tried. I REALLY did try to like the context links on my page. I thought it might be nice to have a few extra $$$ from the site by way of the context links, but I’m just not feeling it. If anyone was logged on between the hours of 3am and 9am PST you would have seen I had 10 or 12 links on the page with the double underline on some of the random lines on my front page, and, ugh. I just didn’t like it.

They really take away from the content of the blog, I can deal with the ads on the sides of the pages, and they often will be something of relevance because they’re off in their own corner of the page, and if you’re looking over there, you’re looking for ads anyway. But right in the middle of your story or comment for the day – that’s too much. I found myself really distracted and taken away from what I was writing; and for the most part, the ads were referencing a CD (no, not a CD like relevant to this site, but a Compact Disc) that had NOTHING to do with the post.

I did a search and ran across My Affiliate Journey and Reaper. They seem to really like the ad setup; but at the same time, it looks like he’s blogging about books or music. If that is the case, then yes, I guess I could see a good reason to have the ads I suppose because that is what the base of it is. Maybe if Investopedia had a widget to link similar posts I’d use it, maybe something with a definition or similar that would pop up and explain a term I’ve used that some people don’t understand. I can see a use for that, but not the Amazon one.

I also am a frequent flyer to but the ContextLink ads in there are a little distracting – I’m curious how the owner is dealing with them – most of them point to the same thing on popup of “get $7 trades now” and I don’t think they ad much to the site as a whole –

The other people that seem to be liking it are people pimping out their blogs to the mass media, and/or to ONLY make $ online by any means necessary, like OnlinePresence, AdesBlog, DarkZZT, and AssociateReference. I’m not against what they’re doing, they’re just trying to make a buck. But at the same time, it’s a real chore to wade through their blogs to find any content; granted their content IS finding ways to pimp out the blog, so maybe it’s my own fault for going to them? I don’t know, to each their own I suppose.

I found one very honest opinion giving the pros and cons of the Kontera from this DoshDosh. DoshDosh hits it right on the head with this piece:

“I did find Kontera to be a little obtrusive. Some publishers may find that In-text advertising might devalue the worth of their content because they interrupt the experience of the general reader. I think this will depend on what type of website you own.

Don’t get me wrong, I like money, and am always into looking for the next good passive income, but those are going a bit too far. I’m in the same boat as XFEP though. I don’t want my readers to be tricked into riding a link to somewhere they don’t want to go. If you click on one of the ads in the ad SPACE on my blog, that’s another thing, but not in the story, that’s too much.

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  • Hi,

    I’m the author of I’m trying out Kontera and I agree that it devalues my content. I was actually hopping that the ads will become more relevant with time but apparently not.

    I believe that Kontera will be more suitable for e-commerce sites and not investing blogs like ours. I will be removing it tomorrow.

    Nice blog. Keep it up. 🙂


  • hank

    Don’t take my word on it Derek – if it is turning a profit, and that’s what you’re after, stick it out! I feel bad that I’m the reason you’re taking it down though!

  • Hank, don’t feel bad, you ain’t the reason why I ‘m taking it off. I tried Kontera on another blog and the results hasn’t been good either.

  • I tried out Kontera on my blog too but I did not like the look of it. I have a friend who uses it and has made money from it so I guess it has it’s uses.

    I will stick to my other forms of advertising since I just do not like the look of the links within the post.

  • hank

    @ Derek – well that’s good, and more firepower to making me feel better about NOT keeping it on – it was a horrible 6 hours for me… 🙂

    @ Lulu – We’re riding in the same boat, clearly it must make money for some people, it just has to be the right niche, and personal finance doesn’t look like that niche. 🙂 Thanks for the comment…

  • MMJ

    I have to agree Hank. I don\’t mind the ads on the side and between posts, but the embedded ones interfere with content. Sometimes it is confusing as to what the real links are.

    BTW, great site here . I am liking the content so far.

  • hank

    Thanks for the post MMJ – glad you like the site!

  • Hello,

    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera.

    You bring up some interesting points but I think that there a few things you overlooked.

    Kontera ContentLinks™ can’t be referred to as intrusive since they are a user initiated product – your readers choose whether to interact with the ads or not.

    ContentLinks™ are customizable. Kontera publishers are able to control the number of ContentLinks™ which appear on their content, the color of the links, their placement, and their look and feel.

    I am sure that if you follow our guidelines regarding the customization and optimization of ContentLinks™, you’ll find that they blend nicely with your content while generating additional revenues from your blog.

    For additional information about using ContentLinks™ please visit Kontera Home or our Company Blog.

    Publisher Services Manager

  • Hey Vered – thanks for the post and for finding the blog – I’m not saying that it’s not for anyone, just that it is not for EVERYONE. I think that it COULD mesh well with many niches in the blogging world, and it is just a matter of personal preference. I just don’t like the way it looks/interacts on my site. I feel that it is drawing away from my post.

  • Hi, thanks for the mention. I really didn’t have high hopes for Kontera, but it didn’t perform well, and I had tons of complaints from friends, and random users, and so I made the only decision I could and sided with my users. It isn’t like Kontera was filling my pockets with money anyways.

    Even John Chow has a flat rate with Kontera that most publishers would never get, and interestingly enough, its still one of his lower paying advertisements.

  • Thanks for the nod back David – I’d be interested to hear more about these solutions… Yes, there are pros to the solutions, but I seem to hear more about the cons… So I’m still in your boat on this one! 🙂

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  • Wow, I’m glad I came upon this. I’m in the process of starting a PF blog and was considering an affiliate ad service. Are there any at all that you think don’t make a blog/site look cheap and cluttered? I want my content to be the main showcase because I think it’s good. I’m *really* not a fan of cluttered, flashy blogs that are short on content. Glad to see there are others out there that agree.