A Slick StumbleUpon Option You May Not Know About, But Will Continue To Use Going Forward!

I’m always a big fan of helping people improve functionalities, and I’ve been a huge StumbleUpon user for a few months now. I find a lot of new sites with this tool that I would never have found otherwise. I have a pretty long list of things I enjoy; but often times when I’m crafting up new articles, I look at the blogosphere for some additional help on posts…

So what if I just want to see things ONLY about 401ks? or ROTH IRA, how about a certain picture? Or maybe just personal finance? Sometimes you want to be able to dig down a little further and just concentrate on one aspect or piece. Enter the StumbleUpon search bar.

In Tools–>Toolbar Options–>Configuration–> Show Search/Tag box. You’ve then got an immediate find on what you’re looking for. Trimming down your search PERFECTLY!

How-to screenshots:

1. Click tools/Toolbar options on the SU bar:

2. Click the Configuration tab and look in the bottom box:

3. Check the checkbox and click ok. and then you’ve got a new Search bar on your StumbleUpon toolbar:

Stumble around now with the precision you were looking for… 🙂

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  • Dom

    Thats a really good little option you’ve found, as a stumbleaddict I did, of course, start using this instantly, thanks!

  • Lee

    Another useful thing to know is that Ctrl-F11 toggles the StumbleUpon toolbar. Hiding it is useful when you want to *stop* yourself from clicking the Stumble! button once you’ve finished reading the current page, in order to get away from the computer. Just press Ctrl-F11 again when you have time to waste once more.

  • @Dom – no problem, glad to help!

    @Lee – I didn’t know that one, but it’s on the list now! 🙂

    Thanks both for stopping by!

  • Thanks Hank.

    I just got the StumbleUpon toolbar, but haven’t seen this feature yet.
    So far StumbleUpon isn’t doing too much for my traffic, but I’m still new (if you’re on Stumble, stumble me!:)

  • @MoneyEnergy – Don’t think of it as something you NEED to send traffic your own way; take a more altruistic approach to it and stumble lots of articles (including your own) and traffic will come. 🙂 Honestly, Google organic searches have started sending me more traffic than StumbleUpon in the past few weeks…

    I just “thumbed up” your homepage. 🙂

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