A Practical How-To For Entrecard (Blog Improvement Post)

Yes, this is a Blog Improvement post (Why does a PF blogger write about Blog Improvement?). EntreCard has morphed a lot in the time since it started; most seem to say for the worst. I’m not a big fan of the new pricing system and as a consequence, I’ve fallen off the “EntreMap” pretty significantly lately. I still get 100 people a day dropping on my site, but as far as gaining new readers, it has been less than stellar…

The Beginning

I started with them in late March. I got hooked on the “powerdropping” for a few weeks and moved up on the Finance and Investing category pretty fast (I think I peaked at #5), but honestly after I wrote the article on “Reverse Engineering The Entrecard System” they changed the rules.

I have bookmarked all of my blogs that I read on a daily basis and after I’ve read through them all via RSS for the day, I’ll pay my due diligence in the form of dropping my EntreCard on their site.

I figured I’d one up it and show a quick way to reach the 300 drops in a day. Some call it powerdropping and some even say it is ruining EntreCard, but it is the nature of the beast, dangle a carrot and people will try to get it.

I read all the blogs prior that I’m dropping on, and assume they’ll have interesting sites they allow to advertise on their sites. Sometimes I’ll mosey through their sites and see what the new sites have to offer, other times I’ll just fly by and drop the card. It varies really on the day for me. But the purpose of this is to show how I do the powerdrop.

1. Use Firefox.

2. Bookmark your favorite blogs that use EntreCard. (usually about 20 per set of bookmarks is the optimum amount and won’t overload your machine.

3. Go to Bookmarks–>[the place you bookmarked in the folder]

4. Right click [the place you bookmarked in the folder] and “Open in All Tabs”

5. Give it about 15 or 20 seconds to load the page.

6. Drop to your hearts content.

The Goods

I usually find each set of 20 is good for 80-100 drops for the day; I’ll usually go through 2 sets a day, but often times I’ll get caught up on one of the EntreCard sites I’ve click through to; so I’ll read it for a while. It gets a bit addictive… Anywho, here it is…


I’m still a fan of the system, and I still get people swinging by dropping cards, but as odd as it is, my biggest traffic coming around is actually just from organic Google searches now as it appears my StumbleUpon juice has died off a bit too. I still get a few dozen stumbles a day, but hundreds of Google searches. Entrecard will stick around on the blog for a while as I have a pretty good home for it, but, eh, I could go either way with it nowadays.

Anyone have any new slick traffic drivers on their site?

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  • FFB

    I’ve done the power dropping too. But I don’t anymore since the pricing change. It’s all evened out but I don’t really get how the pricing works anymore. Still use the site as it’s a nice way to get some ads out there but I don’t put too much time into ti anymore.

    I’ve actually had some nice little traffic with PF Buzz in the last week for a couple of posts that have gone popular there. The fact that the system is new is nice since we can get in on the ground up. I’ve never had much success with Digg, didn’t really try either, but PF Buzz has been fun. Maybe it’s because I recognize most of the folks there.

    FFB’s last blog post..Ridiculously Useful Guides – Web Warrior Tools

  • I love Entrecard and have found so many incredible blogs. And readers too. =)

    But I never looked at it as an opportunity to ‘advertise’ … I like ‘advertising’ on other sites but am not desperate to do so. I added blogs to my favorites and I go to visit many of them daily or at least weekly.

    So without Entrecard I’d have never met some amazing people – not to mention read some incredible blogs that have LITERALLY changed my life. =D

    castocreations’s last blog post..I Drive too Slow

  • I got new traffic driver.. have a person make a video about them “entre-carding” and hope they show yours in the video.. hahaha.. appreciated the few seconds of footage

    theWild1’s last blog post..TD Ameritrade Launches Pattern Matcher

  • @theWild1 – Good call. I’ll try to make more videos with you in them. 🙂

  • I actually just dropped entrecard. I spent way too much time on it and that just took away time that I spent working on my blog. I figured if I had put all that time into my blog, it would be a lot better off. The quality of the traffic it sends is pretty poor b/c few actually read what you write, just drop their card and move on.

    David Carter’s last blog post..My New Business is Off the Hook