A Month of Quintessential Savings Tips!

Well, the Summer Savings Series over at The Money Life Network wrapped up this week and thousands of people saw some very good ideas to cut costs for the summer!

Congratulations to Klaus Scharpf for taking home the $100 gift certificate from Amazon.com! In case you didn’t make it to each and every post, here’s a recap that will hopefully whet your appetite until The Money Life Network cooks up July’s group project!

  1. Food is a big expense. How can you save?
  2. 9 Money Saving Ways to Prepare For a Vacation
  3. Everyone Can Save Money This Way In The Heat!
  4. Fun Frugal Ices With Your Child
  5. Make Summer Activities Affordable
  6. Save like you’re paying off a high interest debt
  7. Send Your Kid to Summer Camp Without Blowing the Budget152038224ycduar_fs.jpg
  8. Watch Movies And Play Video Games For Free!
  9. Our Disney World Vacation
  10. What is a staycation?
  11. Saving at the movies this summer
  12. Save Money and Get Fit with These Summertime Activities and Programs
  13. Don’t Drive 10 Miles Out Of Your Way To Save $0.20 On Gas! Use GasBuddy!
  14. New York State Empire Passport
  15. The art of Hypermiling
  16. 8 cheap summer fun ideas
  17. Military Discounts
  18. Summer Savings – What I did
  19. You Know What I Did This Summer – Save Money!
  20. Dealing with high food prices
  21. 7 Ways to save money this summer152021809tnnrzu_fs.jpg
  22. 10 Money Saving Vacation Tips
  23. Summer Savings Series: My Game Plan
  24. Freeze Your Air Conditioning Costs
  25. How I Plan to Save Money This Summer
  26. How I Will Save Money on My Summer Vacation
  27. Using Coupons
  28. Saving Money This Summer

photo by: hank (Cancun 2006)

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