A Last Shout Out For Frugal Things To Do In… – Hanks Weekly Hangouts #45 (August 24, 2008)

The week has passed us by again and another one in the record books.  I played golf in Crooked River Ranch this past weekend and the temp there was pushing 105 the whole weekend.  It was pretty unbearable, but I loved the course and can’t complain about shooting a 45.  The MoneyLifeNetwork is winding down the Frugal Things To Do In… group writing project but is still looking for more submissions so send them over!

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There Are Still Frugal Things To Do Out There!

Searching for some frugal things to do in your area? Visiting another city soon and want to know some of the frugal things to do there? Well, you’ve found the right place. The members of the Money Life Network have decided to join together in creating a series of blog posts covering frugal things to do in the places we live in. Here are the areas we’ve included:

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Be sure and visit the above posts to add your own frugal ideas for those locations.

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