“Summer Savings Series” Tip #8 – Watch Movies And Play Video Games For Free!

No, I’m not talking about the stuff that’s going to get your thrown in the slammer for pirating videos and games, but there are several resources out there that will let you take the edge off without dumping the ridiculous $3 or $4 dollars at the rental store, or more outrageous $10 or $12 at the movie theatre…

This is part #8 of 25 of the Summer Savings Series at The Money Life Network!

There are several sites out there today that allow you to skip the pricey movie theatres and video rental stores; streaming video has really become pretty advanced these days and if you know how to connect your computer to your TV and surround system, you may not need to visit the movie store any time soon!

You May Already Have These

If you’ve got Comcast, you’d be surprised to see what they have to offer on the On Demand side. The rewind and fast forward functions have been slow for me in the past, but they really don’t have a bad selection of quasi-new releases. They have a selection of what is cooking now that can be found here.

Again if you’re already paying for Netflix, they offer streaming movies online now as well. They’ve got the newer ones you’re probably looking for that outrank the Comcast setup, but again, it’ll cost you a few bucks if you’re not subscribed to it yet. See how it works here.

Network’d TV

Most of the major channels actually offer their sitcoms via their websites as well. They play with a bit of commercial interruption, but they’re getting the hang of it and realizing that the world is turning to the computer for a lot of entertainment these days. CBS / ABC / NBC / FOX

I’m a big fan of the Discovery Channel, but I’m not a big fan of the viewer you have to download to watch their full episodes. I downloaded it, but I still don’t like having to download something to watch content.

Free-er” Content

I’ve ran across onlinemovieforum.com before and have seen a few flicks that they offer. They have a lot of the stuff that’s filmed on the video camera at the movie theatre, but if you’re chomping at the bit, but not willing to pay for it, rumor has it that it’ll do.

In the same venue, Joox.net has similar content on their site. It’s a bit slower, and I haven’t had as good of luck with it, but it’s had some good reviews from across the land, but has seen some legal issues come their way in recent months.

Play Games

I’ve never been a big fan of the newer gaming systems. The last system I played religiously was the Nintendo. Yes, straight Nintendo. And magically most of those games can be played at virtualNES.com for no charge.

Yahoo! Games has more games than I’ll ever be able to begin to play, but it has a lot of the classic board and card games that I enjoyed playing at one time until I discovered blogging. 🙂

If you’re looking to play something on the fly with pretty good accuracy check out TopRankedGames.com courtesy of DavidMakesCents.com. David has crafted up a pretty ingenious setup over there and has some very interesting games that can be easily integrated into your own website. I couldn’t find Global Thermo Nuclear War, but I’ve always been a big fan of chess. Want to play?

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