“Summer Savings Series” Tip #13 – Don’t Drive 10 Miles Out Of Your Way To Save $0.20 On Gas! Use GasBuddy!

By the time you get back, in traffic, you’re looking at stop and go driving for that 10 miles, you’re likely to burn that $3 you’re saving on the 15 gallon tank. It’s not worth the time or the hassle. There are several places online that will show you were to go for the best gas prices; if you can find any of those on your current commute, I say to hit them up!

In continuing with the “Summer Savings Series” from The Money Life Network, we’re already to post #13!  Get in to win the $100 Amazon card before it is too late!  It is VERY easy to enter!  Head over and toss your hat in the ring!

GasBuddy.com has a pretty large database and following that can show you just what you’re lookinggasbuddy.jpg for and where the cheapest gas is located in your city! Here’s the latest chart [click the chart to enlarge] for what they’ve got available in Seattle. Oddly enough, I’ve used that exact gas station for quite a few years before I moved from the area. $4.19 sounds ridiculous, but maybe it won’t in another 6 months.

If these gas stations are on your way to or from work, I’d hit them up but there really is no good reason to travel out of the way to get the gas from them.

Yes, I’m in the same boat of not enjoying the prices going up.  Some people are trying to prey on it, and some people are trying to take advantage of it.  No qualms, just fact.

I’m all for turning/saving a dollar when I can, but there’s no “good” answer in site.  We’ve still got trillions of dollars of oil bubbling around underground and it is still “black gold” that people are going to continue to use, and pay for; just don’t think you need to get the best bang for your gas buck by driving across the city to do so, because it’s likely just going to be a wash anyway.  😉

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